The Initiative

The Grand Challenge initiative is a unique uprising that aims to put girls and women at the centre of development. And the objective is to mobilise the youth to raise the alarm and take a definite step towards gender equality. PFI's campaign, in collaboration with MARD and director Feroz Abbas Khan, is title 'Bas Ab Bahut Ho Gaya' - Enough is Enough!' and aims to win the fight against gender-based violence, especially violence against women.


  • To change the knowledge, attitude and perception on gender - based violence - more specifically on violence against women and girls - particularly among the youth, through celebrity endorsed behaviour change communication interventions on digital platforms.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of "celebrities" in triggering change, particularly with respect to deeply entrenched gendered perceptions and stereotypes


  • Population Foundation of India : Population Foundation of India (PFI) is a national NGO, which promotes and advocates for the effective formulation and implementation of gender sensitive population, health and development strategies and policies. The organisation was founded in 1970 by a group of socially committed industrialists under the leadership of the late JRD Tata and Dr Bharat Ram.

  • Feroz Abbas Khan : Feroz Abbas Khan, national award winning film and theatre director and screenwriter is the creator of the serial Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon or I, A Woman, Can Achieve Anything. His debut film, Gandhi My Father, has won several national and international awards. Most of Mr Khan's work has been associated with social causes and he remains committed to the use of Entertainment Education for social change.

  • MARD : Men Against Rape and Discrimination or MARD is a 2013 social campaign launched by Bollywood film director and actor Farhan Akhtar. The word "MARD" has been used in the short form of the campaign name. The campaign aims to raise social awareness against rape and discrimination of women