BSSS College, Bhopal

09 Oct

Ms. Disha Malviya

An inseparable member of the esteemed ANSH Happiness Foundation, she has worked towards encouraging the youth to implement their ideas and provided them a platform which can make it possible. She is here today because as we know, the purpose of an idea is not fulfilled until executed well. She will help us look at violence against women and girls from the point of view of youth and help us understand the significant role they can play in curbing this...

09 Oct

RJ Roopak

A Radio jockey by profession, he is also a blogger who provides insights on interesting topics. Nothing fits a special occasion better that RJ Roopak’s playlist on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM ...

09 Oct

Ms. Bhakti Sharma

One of the top 100 famous women of India. While maximum youngsters work hard to get into the tfop corporates of the world, Bhakti ma’am quit her job in Texas and moved to Barkhedi Abdullah, a small village in Bhopal and set it apart and crated a living example of an ideal rural setup. She is the current Sarpanch of Barkhedi Abdullah and serves the village with utmost dedication and toil.