Sheshadipuram College, Bengaluru

09 Oct

Ms. Meenakshi Giridhar

With a passion to help and empower distressed women Meenakshi’s strength is working for women’s causes and Durga is the perfect platform for her to be in the very space that enables her to stay on the cause closest to her. Her keen interest in working with women from all walks of life and helping them discover their strengths, gives Meenakshi the opportunity to be able to be a change agent.

09 Oct

Ms. Rupali Mehra

With 18 years of journalism behind her, Rupali Mehra has worked with some of the most recognised India and international media companies including Reuters, NDTV and Times Now. At her most recent role Rupali was incharge of the news desk and special projects team as Senior Editor of Times Now. She also anchored the daily 7 pm news show. Rupali has won several awards including the Commonwealth Vision Award for her short film on Education. She now runs her independent...

09 Oct

Ms. Dhanya Rajendran

The News Minute. Sheis a woman of actions. She has ensured that relevant news reaches the people in its truest form. She has taught us to stand straight and stand strong irrespective of who stands against us. She will enlighten us with her vast knowledge and experience. ...