Techno University, Kolkata

09 Oct

Mr. Aritro Sanyal

Aritro sir is the regional head of Nakshatra Pratibeer. He is the visionary and the captain of the ship. He provides informal education to the underprivileged children. ...

09 Oct

Mr. Rahul Chatterjee

In-charge of public relations at Nakshatra Pratibeer, an NGO which works for underprivileged children with a special emphasis on girls. Having been associated with Nakshatra Pratibeer for 1 and a half years, he is responsible for expanding Nakshatra Pratibeer to various parts of Kolkata through his public relations skills. ...

09 Oct

Ms. Tiyash Mukhopadhyay

A noted journalist and a senior reporter at Anandabazaar Patrika, Tiyash is also associated with Lighthouse, an NGO which works with children from slums and girls from red light areas. From providing basic facilities to protecting them, Tiyash has done it all with the little resources she has. She believes that living is not about breathing, but about making a difference to the lives of those around us.