Truba College, Bhopal

09 Oct

Ms. Kokila Bhattacharya

She is an inseparable member of the esteemed ANSH Happiness Foundation. She has worked towards encouraging the youth to implement their ideas and provided them a platform which can make it possible. She is here today because as we know, the purpose of an idea is not fulfilled until executed well. She will help us look at violence against women and girls from the point of view of youth and help us understand the significant role they can play in...

09 Oct

Ms. Pragyan Mohanti

She has been working as a gender trainer with an aim to empower women and girls. She not only teaches what gender violence means but also encourages women and young girls to raise their voices and fight back. She also works with adolescents to ensure that right care is taken at the right time.

09 Oct

Ms. Gunjan Chowksey

She is a prominent advocate in the Indian Legal system, who is known for having stood up for women and girls who are victims of violence of any kind. She has not just been the voice of women but also has been on the forefront in every battle they fight. She fights cases for free for all the rape victims. She has been instrumental in doing all that it takes to reaffirm our faith in the legal system of the...