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If Sania Mirza’s dad thought that sports is just for boys then we wouldn’t have a world champion.inspired.

Take a look at our film about one of India’s star athletes Sania Mirza.

P.R Balan and Vidya Balan | Fathers Day

Although statistics about violence against women and girls can be rather horrifying we don’t just want to share the doom and gloom. We want to show how positive mindsets have had major impacts on real people.

Vidya Balan is an actor that never shy’s away from a ‘Grand Challenge’ – Constantly breaking barriers and taking on challenging roles in Indian cinema, film & bollywood – Vidya was the ideal ambassador for #BasAbBahutHoGaya to shine a light on how her upbringing nurtured her drive and ambition to positively impact her career choice.

Young girls should accept themselves equal to boys and not accept discrimination as part of life.”